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Sterling silver heart or star motif wider spinner ring  rings

Sterling silver heart or star motif wider spinner ring rings

Sterling silver wide heart or star motif spinner ring

Made of recycled sterling silver and gold

Motif is approx 5mm and the ring is 10mm wide with a 4mm spinner band.


This item has the Added option to add a personalised hand stamped name or date to the inside. (If you require it on the outside of this item, please get in contact to see if this is possible and then we can give instructions on how to proceed with your order) Leave your personalisation in the box below before heading to cart. 


Each ring will be slightly different and unique due to being hand stamped.

If you are opting for personalisation, please note that your personalisation will be hand stamped in a 3mm typewriter font as shown in photos above.


Available for pre-order or custom order- Please read 'how to order below if your size is out of stock.

(If ordering a personalisation, this is classed as a custom order and comes with custom order terms and conditions.)



Comes gift boxed in our own logo gift box and gift bag.

  • Custom order

    If your size or style is unavailable we can make it for you but this would then come under custom order and can take upto two weeks to produce due to orders being infront of yours. So although it says out of stock, this means it is not available to post out to you right away. Please select custom order in drop down menu and add your sizing or preferences in notes at checkout. Unfortunately custom orders do not come under any offers or sale pricing. So when you order a custom size no discounts/sale offer

  • Process

    The process - Each design is hand crafted individually using traditional silversmithing technique. This means each piece is fabricated out of sheet metal, metal wire or Silver Clay.

    Each are cut out by hand with a jewellers saw. edges are rounded and smothed by files and sand paper. Form are reacted by hammering and connections made via soldering with a jewellers torch.

    Some designs are cast moulded or stamped to cut down on phyisical labour but this still comes with a whole lot of finishing stepsand a whole lot of hand polishing.

    Each piece is polished by hand, using a series of files, buffers and sanding clothes.

    While minimal componants are manufactured these are i.e clasps or bolts, each chain is measured from a spool of sterling silver wire and soldered together and still requires the same amount of finishing. To end this whole process they are then put into a barreling machine to wash and polish out any finer detail and helps the hardening process of each design. Then because im a bit of a perfectionist they are hand polished again, cleaned and then packaged up just for you.

  • Fullfillment

    Fullfillment - Each piece of jewellery is carefully made by hand down to each and every polishing stage. While some pieces are in stock and ready to ship out immediatly, most are made once ordered. Please allow 1-2 weeks to fulfil your order although it should arrive within 7 days depending on our current turnaround time.

    If ordering as a gift its best to be prepared and allow 2 weeks or contact me prior to ordering to give you a turnaround time for the item your interested in. The timeframe above depends on the amount of orders ahead of yours, as well as the availability of the materials needed to complete your order.

    During seasonal holidays it is best to order well in advance! or visit one of our christmas markets, visit our social media to be updated on events.

  • Shipping

    Uk Shipping - FREE with orders over £75. All orders are sent via royal mail (although we may rethink this coming up to the holidays with all the postal strikes), once your order is fullfilled and shipped you will be sent a dispatch notice to let you know its on its way with a tracking number via email.Please make sure you use an address that is safe and secure as we are not responsable for lost or stolen packages.


    International Shipping - FREE with orders over £100. All orders are sent via Royal Mail international and tracked. Although as said above we may be forced to change the delivery company if postal strikes continue.

  • How to order your item/s

    If your order is in stock, great ...go through checkout and your order will be sent out within 24 hours with the chosen postal service you have opted for.

    If your item is not in stock and you would like to preorder,  your item will be made when the preorder note tells you. Your item will be made and ready i.e end of Feb and then shipped out to you with your chosen postal service you opted for.

    If your item is not in stock and you would like the order before the pre date order date then please select custom order in drop down menus and your order will be added to recent orders and will be maade in order of recieving. This process can take upto 2 weeks depending on our current turnaround. If you require a timeframe please do message me prior to ordering and i can tell you when i would expect this order to be fullfilled and then you can make a decision before ordering which is great if the item your ordering is a gift and you need it by a certain date. 

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