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Care Guide.

To prolong the life of your jewellery always handle with care and follow these simple tips to keep your jewellery in top condition.
Avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom or anywhere moisture may be present, as it will quicken the tarnishing process. *coastal climates will also quicken the tarnishing process due to moisture in the air.

Do not wear your jewellery where there are chemicals like bleach or chlorine might be present such as a pool or hot tub and cleaning products within your home, remove all jewellery before entering a pool or using these harsh chemicals.
It is also recommended that you remove your jewellery before any exercising as excessive sweat can also tarnish your jewellery. It is best to remove your jewellery before you exercize, have a shower or bath and sleeping in order to preserve the shine on your jewellery.
Take care to remove jewellery before adding body lotions, sunscreen or purfumes to avoid discolouration.

Therefore it is best when not wearing your jewellery to store in a cool dry place, your clear sealable bag within your gift bag is the perfect place to keep your jewellery and ensure its longevitiy. Keep all jewellery items separate as this will deter any scratches,  increase the life of your jewellery and lessen the amount of polishing it may need to stay bright. We will be offering Bella Donna Jewellery wraps soon but they are not available as yet, perfect for storing or transporting your jewellery safetly abroad. We also now offer clear resuable sealable bags which you can purchase to keep all of your jewellery pieces separate and protected while not wearing them.

A polishing cloth is how most people keep their jewellery looking shiny and new, By giving it a polish every once and a while with a polishing cloth. You are  provided a polishing cloth with each Bella Donna purchase so keep it safe. They are soft cloths that are impregnated with silver polishing compound. You may want to give your piece a wash and rinse with water afterwards to remove any of the residue left from the polishing compound.
Please note that once your cloth has turned completey black, the polishing compound has been used and needs to be replaced. You can purchase a replacement in our store.

Hot Soapy water is another method used and can be beneficial if you have managed to get a little discolouration on your piece. Simply place your jewellery into warm soapy water and leave to soak for 20mins, remove and pat dry.

Professional Clean maybe in order if your  jewellery has been tarnished or the silver has dulled over time and your cloth is not bringing up the shine any longer. Simply purchase a professional clean service from the store, send us your items recorded and insured, we will professionally clean them and then return them to you as good as new. Your jewellery does not need to have been purchased from us but does need to have been stamped with sterling silver with UK hallmarking. (Some gemstone jewellery is exempt from this service, if you are unsure - message us on live chat and we can give you more advise and info before purchasing. ONE FEE - upto 10 items. Purchase below, Please note if you have purchased jewellery from me within the last year your professional clean is free. Enter coupon code 'FREEC' at checkout and enter your order number in notes.
Alternatively, drop into the shop at Carew HQ and purchase your clean here, If you have a reciept dated within the las 12 mths your clean will be free, then you will be sent an email or text when your clean is completed and you can collect when your ready.
While i design my jewellery with quality and longevity in mind, handling your jewellery with care is what will make it last  a lifetime.

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Adjustable Jewellery

Keep adjustments to cuffs or adjustable rings to a minimum. The more you bend metal the more rigid it becomes and can eventually snap at any weakened spot due to bending excessively.

Stretchbracelets shoud be worn with care. When taking on and off, roll the bracelet over your hand instead of stretching it to avoid wearing out or over stretching the elastic.
The elastic is high quality and pre stretched before beading but be mindful that all jewellery is delicate. Handle with care to increase the lifetime of your bracelet.

Please be sure to remove before sleeping, showering or swimming, the natural rosewood beads will absorb the water and therefore reduce the function of your bracelet.
Also remove your bracelet to apply your essential oil, leave it to absorb and then put it on. Enjoy your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend, while your body heat will naturally diffuse throughout the day.


Stretch Bracelets
Oil Diffuser Bracelets
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