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Our Summer '22 Goddess Collection are perfect Summer accessories to empower you and customize with your Summer wardrobe.
This Seasons chosen goddess gemstones are .....
Earth - Peach Adventurine / Air - Opalite / Fire - Sunstone / Water - Labradorite

We have a large selection of celestial and Nature designs influenced by the divine goddess herself and how beautiful we all are no matter what our journey. I have designed this collection with the sole purpose to empower you and with added gem stones and crystals to help any personal healing or manifisations you may require in your own journey. Semi precious stones have so many benefiting elements to suit each individual and therefor you can personalise your own jewellery piece to suit your needs, wants and manifisations.
Please Check out our Semi Precious page for more information on how they can help here.



All women are beautiful and brilliant that possess a spiritual feminine element. A powerful source to be reckoned with.

About Bella Donna

Bella Donna jewellery is inspired by nature and our stunning coast here in south Wales. Each piece is designed and handcrafted with simplicity in mind but with an option of layering for a built-up look. Most if not all pieces compliment each other and can be blended effortlessly and changed around for a unique look. Perfect for day to evening wear, so these are essential pieces and a must have for your daily fashion wear! Don’t miss out…..browse our collections.

It is our imperfections, life stories, what we offer and put out into the world around us that truly make us beautiful, Bella Donna love to celebrate and complement all women out there. Women, like mother nature herself, are capable of so much no matter how hard something may appear, only to emerge stronger each time. Like each piece of silver wire or sheet that must be made and formed into yet another Bella Donna piece, it is first weakened by hammering and shaping then made strong again in the last stages of production.

We are goddesses after all and don’t you forget that!

Confidence and Healing -

Bella donna creations are beautifully made – just like you. We want each wearer to feel empowered when wearing what they love, so each of our jewellery pieces are suitable to wear daily. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel quite right when not wearing my chosen jewellery pieces or if I went out without my makeup etc I would feel naked. All these things, like an outfit or even tattoos build who we are, tells our story and make us all more confident so we can take on the day or even the world!

Obviously, these are all outward and materialistic things to make us feel good on the outside, but our other focus is helping with healing from within too with our gem collections. Please read below to see how semiprecious stones can help you on your journey and if you need any assistance in choosing your stone to work for you, I am only too happy to help. You can contact me directly on your instant chat on the right-hand side of screen or pop me an email.

Polished Stones

SemiPrecious GemStones





"I recently purchased a commision piece from Donna at Bella Donna Designs and couldn't be happier with the results! Donna listened to every detail and couldn't do enough to update me at every chance. Now ive recieved my item, i am overjoyed! Will be ordering again soon."

Anna Bell Sway | Southport

"One of the most beautiful gifts i have ever recieved, from a good friend who brought it from Bella Donna. So thoughtful and a gorgeous piece of jewellery."

Jeni Bogue | Derby